About Me

Who am I:

I am an Arizona native and a hobbyist of photography. My passion started when I joined the school yearbook back in Middle School. This interest grew more each year. Most recently, I graduated with two masters degrees and then one week later I married my now husband, in the beautiful state of Arizona. My full-time job is in the finance industry and I enjoy the outdoors where I hunt, fish, and explore the beauty of nature with my husband.

About my Photos:

Photography has always been a passion of mine, allowing me to express myself through the lens of my camera. Like people, my photos have evolved and will continue to evolve going forward. I prefer outdoor photography with a mix of wildlife yet I also take photos at events upon request. They tend to have plenty of color with only a few black and white photos. I take my camera on my outdoor adventures throughout this beautiful state of Arizona and among my travel adventure so I can capture beauty in other states as well.

My Services

My Services:

If you are interested in using my photos in a magazine, newspaper, or online site, if you are interested in any of the photos on my site or my Instagram, and if you would like to book me for an event or personal photo shoot, please fill out the form on the CONTACT section of this site.

Please note:

Images can be shared in social media posts, but that I must be tagged in the post.