About Me

Who am I:

I am an Arizona native and a hobbyist of photography. My passion started when I joined the school yearbook back in Middle School. This interest grew more each year. Most recently, I graduated with two masters degrees and then one week later I married my now husband, in the beautiful state of Arizona. My full-time job is in the finance industry and I enjoy the outdoors where I hunt, fish, and explore the beauty of nature with my husband.

About my Photos:

Photography has always been a passion of mine, allowing me to express myself through the lens of my camera. Like people, my photos have evolved and will continue to evolve going forward. I prefer outdoor photography with a mix of wildlife yet I also take photos at events upon request. They tend to have plenty of color with only a few black and white photos. I take my camera on my outdoor adventures throughout this beautiful state of Arizona and among my travel adventure so I can capture beauty in other states as well.

My Services

My Services:

Please contact me through my site or purchase individual items through my shop for:

  • Purchase to display in your home, office, or restaurant.
  • Display in a magazine, online site, or newspaper.
  • To book a personal photo shoot (maternity, engagement, family, children, events) or take a professional business photo.

Please note:
Images can be shared in social media posts, but that I must be tagged in the post.